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Priority Protocol Questions (PPQ) are a subset of protocol questions (PQ) that, if found not satisfactory, may indicate a lack of capability by a State to identify and/or resolve operational safety and fundamental accident investigation deficiencies effectively. PPQ findings can demonstrate a State’s
inability to conduct safety oversight, which can result in the elevated risk of significant safety concerns, or an inability to conduct a proper accident investigation.

Systemmatic has marked all PPQ in its Compliance Management tool, to easily work with this subset of questions.

Why did ICAO identify PPQs?

The Group of Experts for a USOAP CMA Structured Review (GEUSR) provided the USOAP with two recommendations related to Priority Protocol Questions. These recommendations included:

  1. Identify a set of priority PQs that, when resulting in a low EI score, would indicate a lack of
    capability of the State to effectively identify and resolve safety deficiencies. This subset of PQs
    should be identified from the existing PQs using the following criteria:
    a. Include those PQs directly related to the identification of SSCs and the enablers for those SSC‐related PQs;
    b. Include PQs on aspects which, if not implemented, may leave safety issues unidentified or unresolved;
    c. Constitute a self‐sufficient set of PQs of approximately 20‐25% of the total PQs, which would enable a focused audit;
    d. Reflect a balanced number across the audit areas and sub‐areas;
    e. Focus on PQs with implementation aspects (“implementation PQs”), but include relevant establishment PQs; and
    f. Only include PQs applicable to the majority of States.
  2. Take the necessary actions to inform States of the expectation to complete and update their self‐assessments of the priority PQs. The level (quantitative and qualitative) of the PQ self‐assessment should be added to the list of indicators used to prioritize USOAP CMA activities.

The USOAP identified the PPQs to address the above recommendations.

How will the USOAP use the PPQs?

PPQs will assist States by providing them with an overview of those PQs with greater direct relationships to risks necessary to address the establishment and implementation of their safety oversight systems. The use of PPQs allows ICAO to create focused USOAP CMA activities to ensure the effective application of its resources and oversight efforts to the areas of greater safety risks.

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