Is it really possible to achieve a better ‘effective implementation’ ICAO score, while spending less time and effort preparing for, and managing your ICAO audit? When it comes to improving your State’s Safety Audit result there are a number of bottlenecks that can hold you back from becoming fully compliant, staying compliant and demonstrating compliance. However, the challenge is this: as an organisation with many competing priorities it’s sometimes difficult to focus sufficient resources to identify what those bottleneck are and how to overcome them.

For example, if your organisation is having difficulty aligning and coordinating ‘silo’ approaches whereby different parts of the business have their own way of collecting answers and evidences, or if there are many parallel and competing corrective action plans, or if it’s a struggle to get an early insight into the organisation’s level of compliance and where to focus resources, then our management tool could be the most important discovery for you to make.

Solving these problems for States and their national aviation authorities is what we do all day, every day.

Modern approach to compliance management

How does your team share and manage change?

Your organisation has management systems in place but legal and operational requirements are constantly changing. Your State has applied and complies with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) but some of the annexes have been amended. The organisation is changing and you need to ensure consistent quality and compliance. All of these challenges require an effective and efficient system that enables the organisation to remain in control in meeting requirements, ensuring coherence of your management system, and the coordination of corrective actions.

We can provide a unique platform that enables everyone focus to on their field of expertise, while easily managing, sharing, and delegating tasks that ensure the easy and accurate achievement, demonstration and continued management of compliance with ICAO SARPS.

If you find yourself emailing spreadsheets full of tasks, requirements and audit questions and struggling to cross reference everything while merging input from your team members, please realise that there are far better ways to manage this.

Copy & paste interfaces

We all read headlines about big data and how the digital transformation will change the way we do business. But, in your own experience do you still see many copy & paste interfaces? If you pay attention to them, it is surprising how change resistant many inefficiencies are. We have seen solutions whereby PDFs are saved into a dropbox while people keep track of them in a spreadsheet that is shared via email. You can find yourself going through all the files in order to create presentation slides to communicate the progress you are making, but actually you are losing valuable time. The inefficiencies are not apparent if office applications are your comfort zone. Now, imagine if all that information would always be up to date, where you could easily contribute and whereby the platform takes care of the data without you doing any copy & pasting. There would not even be a need to have a progress meeting with those slides because the real progress is there and clearly visible on the dashboard.

Do you have a dashboard? And if so, is it like looking in the rearview mirror or does it inform your decisions on future action?

Software as a service

Many audit questions involve subjects that span across multiple organisations throughout a State. A key element to efficiently involve people outside of your own organisation lies in your ability to have them easily participate wherever, or for whoever they work. We believe that the software as a service (SaaS) concept best meets this need because every user of the platform can login with their own security credentials. Depending on their roles, they can be authorised to edit only those parts of the process where they need to contribute.

By choosing software as a service over stationary “on-premise” software you benefit from:

  • Flexibility
  • Customisation
  • Accessibility on mobile devices
  • Real-time editing and up-to-the-minute access to information
  • Security and stability

In what way does your IT infrastructure support you and your team reliably to share and coordinate up-to-date information, and avoid copy & paste?

Supporting the National Coordinator

Who is your NCMC and how occupied is he/she with the audit preparation?

Our audit and compliance management tool enables your National Continuous Monitoring Coordinator (NCMC) easily to involve all the necessary experts and keep management fully informed of the progress of audit preparation and of the status of compliance. The tool keeps track of progress, updates compliance and associated evidence and whit a single click, uploads your State’s information directly to the ICAO’s audit program. All of this enables your NCMC readily to ensure that audits are fully prepared and that corrective action plans are executed effectively, and that continued compliance is demonstrably maintained.

Continuous compliance

To what degree is your compliance demonstration new? And to what extent are you able to learn from previous audits?

In 1944 the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation was held and subsequent standards and recommended practices developed and agreed. You might suspect that compliance should not be an issue many decades later. The reality however is that for several reasons it can still be a challenge.

National regulations, policies and procedures are updated but how they link to ICAO standards is not visible. They might be compliant but the evidence is not there.

Or, because of national requirements or local constraints the State complies with the intent of the standard but implements it in a different way. In a situation of high staff turnover and independent auditors the knowledge and history of this situation might be lost.

All this becomes a breeze if your management system is linked to the ICAO requirements, recommended practices, audit questions and even the history of previous answers and corrective action plans.

Share your challenge with us

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to compliance management?

Contact us to share your challenges so we can understand your specific situation and demonstrate how our tool can help solve those challenges.

Cost estimation

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