Streamlining your ICAO compliance managementSystemmaticIs it possible to spend less time and effort on an ICAO audit and achieve a better score?

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If yes, you probably wonder if the whole process could not be streamlined and make better use of previous audit results.

Then take two decisions now. First, that all the information needs to be collected in a database instead of in documents, spreadsheets and files. Second, decide to take an approach whereby the experts provide your answers and evidence and let the senior management validate it.

Our platform comes with built-in integrations with a broader suite of services including email notification services, business process and manuals development software, workflow automation. Depending on the software you use we can even provide custom built connectors to make sure we can integrate with what you have in place. Compliance will become part of daily operations by directly sharing compliance information with other applications.


As ICAO member state you are periodically subject to audits as part of the universal safety oversight programme. All member states have agreed to comply with the standards and recommended practices issued by ICAO in its 19 annexes. In total, the audit contains over 1.000 protocol questions covering more than 15.000 requirements that require careful consideration on how to correctly implement them in the national aviation system.

What is your role in this audit and what is your greatest challenge?

  • becoming compliant
  • staying compliant
  • demonstrating compliance

Our solution

We offer a proven solution to the above challenges and more. Our approach is based on a modern online platform that makes preparing for the ICAO audit a breeze.

Becoming compliant

Join our effective approach to establishing compliance quickly

Staying compliant

Prevent repeated effort and move towards continuous compliance management

Demonstrating compliance

Have your team efficienctly prepare for assessment, validate answers, collect evidence and corrective actions

States we have worked with in support of their ICAO audit.

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