Organising evidence

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In order to organise evidence in the library, users with sufficient permissions (e.g. project managers) can add ‘evidence tags’. These evidence tags allow all users to simply filter files based on a common theme represented by that tag. Examples may include, but not limited to: Annex 1, ATM/ANS, CE-3, EU, Sailplanes, etc.

When viewing the evidence linked to a requirement and/or question, the evidence tags are displayed. This enables to quickly identify if an evidence may have been incorrectly linked. Especially for documents that have names that do not contain any keyword relating to their contents. Examples include legislation references such as “Regulation EU 2015-340.pdf”. It is advised to add a tag to explain that this refers to “ATCO”.

When previewing an evidence, the tags associated with the requirements are also shown. These tags may be helpful in identifying if the correct link is made and what evidence tag may be applicable.

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