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ICAO has a State Safety Program (SSP) Implementation Assessment under the USOAP CMA, in short called SSPIA. This assessment reflects the maturity levels the State has achieved in its SSP implementation and maintenance.

The SSPIA are conducted by a limited pool of assessors, to ensure consistency. and will be accompanied by a USOAP audit. The maturity levels are determined separately for each protocol question rather than conclude an overall maturity level.

The result does not generate findings, nor require the State to submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). Also there is no impact the State’s Level of Effective Implementation (LEI).

Systemmatic has included the questions of the SSPIA in it Compliance Management tool.

Background and policy

What is an SSPIA?
A USOAP CMA performance-based activity in which ICAO assesses the level of maturity of a State’s safety programme (SSP), by conducting a systematic and objective review of the State’s implementation and maintenance of its SSP.

Are SSPIAs managed through USOAP CMA?
Yes. SSPIAs are managed through USOAP CMA, and follow the same principles as other USOAP CMA missions, as per section 2.3 to Doc 9735 – Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Manual.

Is SSPIA applicable to all Member States?
Yes, SSPIA is applicable to all Member States.

How were the SSPIA Maturity Level Matrices PQs developed?
The maturity level matrices were developed by the USOAP CMA SSPIA team, with the support of group of experts from eight States and RSOOs.

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