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EASA member states have to show compliance with ICAO Annexes and file differences where applicable. Ofcourse, many ICAO requirements are covered by the EASA regulatory framework. As such, EASA provides pre-filled compliance checklists to support States in demonstrating their compliance and providing the reasons for difference where applicable.

Currently, EASA has provided such pre-filled checklists for the following Annexes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 (part I, II and III), 8, 14 (vol 1), 14 (vol I and II), 15, 16, (vol I, II and III), 18 and 19. They are provided in PDF format for the States to use when updating their compliance checklists.

Systemmatic offers its Compliance Manager users an easy way to review these pre-filled statements and update their compliance statements. When reviewing your statements the availability of an EASA pre-filled answer will be notified to the user. The user can compare and review such statements and if applicable either replace his own statement, or add it to his statement with a single mouse click, see screenshot below. This not only removes the need for copy & pasting from PDF, it also ensured you are comparing the latest ICAO amendment with the latest published EASA pre-filled CC available.

As a result, you save a lot of administrative burden and ensure you are fully aligned with EASA.

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