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Our partner company AQE offers pre-filled EU/EASA references for ICAO PQ to assist EU Member States and States (partially) using the EU/EASA regulations for their national system. These references contain up to date EU/EASA regulatory references to assist States to formulate their answer as part of self assessment. These references are shown in context of a specific ICAO PQ when it is available.

Below is an example screenshot of the user interface showing a blue bar with a link to the pop up.

Below is an example screenshot of the pop up that appears when clicking the blue bar. This example pop up displays EU references related to PQ 5.305 on the approval of maintenance programmes.

The availability of this information is on a subscription basis. References are available for PQ in the following technical domains. In case you would like to add this subscription ask your key user to contact Systemmatic:

  • PEL
  • OPS
  • AIR
  • ANS
  • AGA
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