Your business case

Your business case should drive the decision making whether or not to choose our software in support of ICAO compliance and audit management.

We invite you to consider the potential cost savings in preparing and answering the protocol questions and SARPs. Use the sliders to match your view on the effort and cost involved. The calculator shows a conservative estimation of the total cost involved in demonstrating compliance.

Protocol questions

As a State you will have to answer approximately 1,000 ICAO audit protocol questions during self assessment in preparation of the audit. Answering each question includes finding the relevant expert, collecting the evidence, validating the answer and the overhead involved in administrating the answers.

Compliance checklists

Demonstrating compliance with the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) requires completing a checklist with more than 12,000 requirements.

Cost savings

We have experienced that at least 20% of the time spent on demonstrating compliance is actually time wasted because of inefficiencies that could have been avoided if you use our software. E.g. time spent (repeated) uploading answers and evidences to ICAO can be completely eliminated by our automated interface.